The SETA Tenant Support Hotline is Open. 541-972-3715


The Tenant Support Hotline is a Free educational service for tenants to seek 1-on-1 support for any questions related to Tenants' Rights, Landlord Tenant Law in Oregon, finding housing, financial assistance, and localized information for the Lane County area 


After leaving a voicemail on our Hotline, our callers can expect our team will take time to research the issue(s) they've described to find the best information available. After the research is complete, our Hotline Team will then connect by phone call to provide educational resources such as handbooks, sample letters to landlords, Renter's Rights Guides, referrals to other organizations and any other information that can help empower and support them through their individual situations. SETA does not directly provide financial support and we cannot provide legal advice. Our Hotline team can initiate referrals for Rent Assistance when it is available and can help provide information on various legal services which can offer free or reduced rates to those who qualify for their programs.


We at SETA know how important it is to amplify the stories of tenants in our community while also ensuring the privacy of our callers, so we will never publicly share any individual's situation. All information we receive is aggregated and shared out in monthly reports so the experiences of tenants in our community can be heard. 


If you are seeking information about your tenancy, we also encourage you to check out our Resource Guides!