The SETA Tenant Hotline is temporarily partially-reopened.

Posted on 08/24/23:

The Springfield Eugene Tenant Tenant Hotline is only partially re-opened.


As of August 24, 2023, We are now able to respond back to priority calls within 5-7 business days, which include calls about evictions, rent assistance, and/or violence against tenants.

While we still can accept calls about other topics, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a speedy return callback at this time.
Hotline: 541 972-3715
If you are seeking information about your tenancy, we encourage you to see our Resource Guides on our website at:
We have made this decision to slowly re-open our hotline to give our new Hotline team the chance to train and learn about their roles in a healthy, not rushed, environment. We are also using this time to review our Hotline procedures to provide more flexibility, outreach, and support to our community.
We do not plan to be half-opened for long. We are committed to bringing our Hotline back in full force as soon as we can, but want to be intentional in our commitment to having a safe and healthy working environment. Our priority is to ensure that our community feels safe, supported, and informed on what their rights are - and that includes our own team.
We also want to give a special thank you to those in our community who continually help share our message and our resources to those most in need. Your help in carrying our voice has a much bigger impact than you know.
We appreciate your support and patience as we take this next step.
Thank you.