The SETA Education program

At Springfield Eugene Tenant Association (SETA), our mission is to empower, assist, and educate tenants. Our Tenant Education Program works to empower tenants to advocate for themselves by taking a proactive approach to tenant education through workshops on landlord-tenant law, tenant rights, responsibilities, communication, and strategies to avoid evictions. The program also includes ongoing Rent Well courses to address housing barriers and hosts monthly meetings for housing navigators to enhance collaboration and support. 


Furthermore, the Tenant Education Program extends support to local agencies and governmental bodies through training sessions on landlord-tenant law. The program Director maintains renters' rights guides online, empowering tenants to engage with landlords effectively. 


SETA is also partnering with Lane Community College to provide educational opportunities through workshops, enhancing tenants' prospects for stable tenancy. Contact the Tenant Education Director by emailing [email protected] for more information and to explore ongoing workshops and events to empower tenants and strengthen communities.



If you are seeking information about your tenancy, we also encourage you to check out our Resource Guides!