March 19, 2020
Contact: Timothy Morris

Support of HRC action Items




Statement in Support of Human Rights Commission COVID-19 Recommendations


Dear Mayor, City Manager, City Councilors, and Staff, 

Springfield Eugene Tenant Association is dedicated to advocating for and supporting fellow renters in our community by providing information and offering support to those in need. At its core, our goal is to keep renters in their homes and off the streets. As concerned community members and housing advocates, we are writing in support of the action items laid out by the Human Rights Commission to protect the most vulnerable people in our community. We believe that these action items need to be implemented swiftly in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 as well as provide assistance to individuals most at risk of harm. As a reminder, these action items are as follows:


  1. Suspend Sweeps and implement shelter-in-place protocols during the declaration of emergency. People need enough sleep to keep their immune systems up and should not be forcibly deprived of medications and survival gear during this crisis. 
  2. Implement a moratorium on towing vehicles that house people, as these individual accommodations make it possible for people to self-quarantine. 
  3. Provide adequate access to hygienic facilities for toileting, bathing, and handwashing in areas with known encampments. 
  4. Replace Eugene Police with trained outreach workers to support the unhoused by distributing supplies including water for drinking and washing, hand sanitizer, food items, information about how to limit infection, and where to seek medical care.
  5. Prepare to open emergency shelter space and engage homeless service system staff if consistent with public health recommendations.
  6. Be ready to facilitate transportation assistance and accessible care for people with physical and/or mental disabilities or financial barriers.


Thank you very much for your dedication and for working tirelessly to protect all citizens of Eugene during this difficult time.  We urge you to implement the action items set forth above immediately to provide relief to those in our community struggling to stay safe during this pandemic without shelter.